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Once we have inspected and valued your property we may advise you that the estimate of Net Annual Value applied to your property by Land & Property Services is excessive.  In the circumstances that your assessment is excessive, there are steps we can take to have this corrected by Land & Property Services and Tribunals and you may be eligible for a rebate of any overpaid rates.  

The appeals process has three stages, the first being to the district valuer at Land & Property Services, the second stage to the Commissioner of Valuation at Land & Property Services and the third to the Lands Tribunal for Northern Ireland.

Application to District Valuer

The first stage provides you with an opportunity for the local district valuer to review your Net Annual Value and revise it where appropriate.  Once the district valuer has served his Certificate of Valuation you have 28 days to appeal his decision to the Commissioner of Valuation.

Appeal to Commissioner of Valuation

The second stage provides an opportunity for the Net Annual Value to be independently reviewed by the Commissioner of Valuation.  At this stage, the Commissioner is compelled to call on evidence from you and your representative.  Once the Commissioner has served his Certificate of Valuation you have 28 days to appeal his decision to the Lands Tribunal for Northern Ireland.


Appeal to Lands Tribunal for Northern Ireland

The third stage is the first opportunity for a review of your Net Annual Value by a body other than Land & Property Services.  The Tribunal sits at the Royal Courts of Justice in Belfast.  It is strongly advised that anyone seeking to pursue an appeal to this Tribunal is professionally represented.

At Gowlands we can submit the necessary application forms and manage the entire process. 


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